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ASRM 2015 - Assisted Reproductive Technology PG Track


PG01 Interprofessional Course: Options for Emergency and Elective Fertility Preservation (FP) - The Team Approach

Nicole Noyes, M.D. (Chair)
NYU School of Medicine
Clarisa R. Gracia M.D. 
University of Pennsylvania 
Elizabeth A. Grill, Psy.D. 
Weill Cornell Medical Center

PG04 - Marketing and Staffing a Small, Medium and Large Size Practice

Brad J. T. Senstra, M.H.A. (Chair)
Seattle Reproductive Medicine
Lisa Duran, B.A.
RMA of Texas
Faith E. Ripley, B.S.
Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology Group, PA
Jacqueline Sharp, B.S.
HRC Fertility

PG10 - ART in Transition

Kevin J. Doody, M.D. (Chair)
Center for Assisted Reproduction
Richard T. Scott, M.D.
Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey
Dominique de Ziegler, M.D.
Université Paris Descartes - Hôp Cochin
Alexander M. Dlugi, M.D.
Infertility Optum, Complex Medical Conditions




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