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Reinventing Photography To Match The Pace Of Digital Commerce

Online Merchandising Workshop

Joe Barrett 

Executive Director & CEO

Sandbox Studio

Kristin Sebelle

Director of E-Commerce

Kate Spade Saturday

Kristi Wirebaugh

E-Commerce Manager

Dr. Martens AirWair USA 

Recorded at's Online Merchandising Workshop, July 22, 2014.


Digital commerce is forcing retailers to reinvent their approach to photography and video content. The volumes of photography necessary to support digital merchandising continue to increase exponentially, introducing the need for consistent product readability, color accuracy and replicability into what has traditionally been a very subjective creative service. This session focuses on how retailers, consumer product brands and content providers are fundamentally changing their approach to photography by incorporating systems and workflow processes to optimize the overall effectiveness and scalability of photo and video operations. 


Join us as our retail industry experts discuss challenges and outline best practices for how to produce merchandising content that is both effective today and scalable as digital commerce continues to redefine the retail landscape.



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