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S22 - Interactive Shoot-out - Digital Convergence Fact vs Fiction

1 Hour
DSE 2012


Join two recognized experts on digital convergence for a no-holds-barred debate on the integration of interactive, social and mobile technologies with digital signage. This thought-provoking session will take a hard look at the value and long-term viability of such mobile tools as SMS, QR codes, NFC, native mobile apps, HTML5 and geo-fencing - and in so doing cut through the noise and get to the truth. By joining in a debate that looks at both sides of the mobile and digital signage puzzle, attendees will leave with a well-rounded understanding of how best to approach the converging worlds of mobile, social and digital signage.


In this session, you will...
1. Hear opposing views on the disruptive forces impinging on the DOOH landscape
2. Learn the difference between the strategies that deliver and the strategies that fill websites but stall
3. Discover which technologies pay and which are just sexy. If you can spell QR, you might be in for a shock


Stephen Randall is founder and chief executive of LocaModa Inc., a place-based social media company. Prior to LocaModa, he was a founder of Symbian, the mobile operating system provider. Prior to Symbian, Randall was president of Psion Software, which he helped build into a global licensing business. Before venturing into mobile and social technology, he developed the world's first digital guitar, for which he received a British Design Award from HRH Prince Phillip.


David Weinfeld serves as chief strategy officer at Screenreach, a mobile startup that makes any screen two-way interactive. Previously, he was a director at Obscura Digital, known as one of the most innovative technology labs in the world. Weinfeld's experience includes consulting to Fortune 100 technology companies and developing next-generation technology solutions for global consumer brands.


Stadiums, Arenas
Educational Track:
Interactive Technology



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