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S25 - Everything You Need to Know About Making Digital Signage Content

1 Hour
DSE 2012


Covering several years of past research and analysis, this insightful presentation will highlight the most essential do's and don'ts of making effective digital signage content that viewers will look at and remember.


In this session, you will...
1. Discover key copy writing tips for making digital signage content memorable
2. Learn how to effectively use color, contrast, motion and sound to catch and hold viewer attention
3. Learn where to place signs to make sure viewers see them


Bill Gerba is CEO of WireSpring Technologies, whose software and services power thousands of digital signs and kiosks around the world, serving companies like Procter & Gamble, BP and Walmart. He is a member of POPAI's digital signage technology standards and awards programs and a regular speaker at industry events. He also authors WireSpring's popular "Digital Signage Insider" blog at


Advertising Agencies
Brand Marketers
Digital Out-of-Home Networks
Educational Track:
Digital Signage Fundamentals



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