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S10 - Getting Noticed by Advertisers

1 Hour
DSE 2012


This session will provide insight into how you can increase revenue by positioning your digital out-of-home network favorably in the eyes of agencies and advertisers. In addition, we will describe ways of meeting the challenges of increasing the number of advertisers and revenue per advertiser, as well as outlining the sources of revenue. We also will reveal tactics for accelerating revenues, while reducing the costs of sales through various approaches, including the use of social media.


In this session, you will...
1. Discover the secret of WIFA (What's in it For Advertisers). Advertisers are short on time and long on media choices. Speaking the advertiser's language is as critical as understanding how they work and what their needs are for any given campaign
2. Learn how to increasing your network's value proposition. No two networks are the same. Each has its own unique value proposition that sets it apart from others. How you represent your network's value is a critical component to the path to revenue
3. Discover new roads to revenue by exploring advertising opportunities outside the traditional: 60 spot


A 14-year veteran of the OOH media business and an industry advocate, Heather Armstrong is currently chief strategy officer at international out-of-home (OOH) specialty agency Billups Worldwide. She previously served as director of out-of-home media at GSD&M in Austin, Texas, managing a staff of 20 media professionals and an OOH budget of more than $100 million. While at GSD&M, Armstrong managed the OOH rebranding of SBC to AT&T, recognized on the AdWeek, 2005 Agency Report Card as "the largest telecomm advertising initiative in history." Her professional career also includes positions with Focus Group/Integer, Outdoor Services, Clear Channel Outdoor, La Quinta and Posterscope USA. She has served as a member of the AAAA's Out-of Home Committee and the OVAB (now DPAA) Advisory Board. She also has provided expert commentary in leading publications such as Forbes, The New York Times, Minneapolis Star Tribune and Other Advertising and served as a judge of the 2008 OAAA, OOH Media Plan Awards.


A digital out-of-home (DOOH) powerhouse and pioneer, Jason M. Kates has been paving new ground in the DOOH industry for over 15 years. As founder and CEO, he is the visionary and driving force behind rVue Inc. and the rVue suite of technology solutions. As CEO, Kates steers the Internet-based digital media and technology company's strategic acquisitions, business and product development and fiscal growth from the company's Fort Lauderdale, Fla., headquarters. He presented previously on the DSE 2010 DOOH Advertising Summit and on the DSE 2011Conference, among other speaking appearances.


Digital Out-of-Home Networks
Educational Track:
DOOH Networks



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