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S21 - Building and Staffing a Digital Signage Team

1 Hour
DSE 2012


Building and Staffing an Effective Digital Signage Team (Spencer Graham)
The team that builds and manages a digital signage network is vital to its success. In today's market, team activities can be conducted in-house, outsourced to other parties or a combination of both. Using West Virginia University's (WVU) award-winning network as an example, this presentation will explore these options, in addition to the various team roles and skill sets required.


In this session, you will ...
1. Learn where the digital signage team fits within the overall organization structure
2. Gain an understanding of the roles that comprise a digital signage team and the skills required by staff to fulfill those roles
3. Learn which tasks involved in building and running a digital signage network are performed in-house and which can be outsourced


As a digital signage certified expert and digital signage evangelist, Spencer Graham was integral to the creation of a large, high-tech digital signage network at West Virginia University. The network spans four campuses with more than 100 digital signs and a constant emergency alert feature in addition to standard WVU messaging and marketing on the information stations network.


How to Achieve Digital Signage Buy-in and Communication Success Within Your Organization (Paul Bleimeyer)
Successful digital signage solutions are not always single source solutions inside your company. Many times they are a combination of insourced and outsourced parties from many areas all working together to add this functionality as a part of the overall business message that is being used. Enjoy a highly interactive discussion and presentation of how a major healthcare provider chose to implement its system.


In this session, you will ...
1. Understand how to gain agreement and acceptance of digital signage as a communications medium within your company
2. Learn how to go about building relationships and contacts with key groups in your company to create shared ownership and a high usage model of success with digital signage
3. Discover how you can distribute this load and still provide a highly effective and connected system that works with the other existing communication methods and mediums in your organization


Paul Bleimeyer is the manager for the media systems engineering unit within the division of media support services at Mayo Clinic. He is responsible for an exceptional team of people who support the institution's extensive infrastructure of video conferencing, in-house television network and web development efforts as well as the application and systems support needs inside the division. At the clinic, Bleimeyer has re-architectured and managed the upgrade of Mayo's previous internal digital signage solution along with the development of the business case for expansion and needed infrastructure to support its expansion.


Educational Facilities
Educational Track:
Network Design, Management & Operation



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