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S8 - Digital Signage in Retail - Designing Innovative User Experiences

1 Hour
DSE 2012


Future-Proof Design: A 4-Point Approach to Defining the Role of Digital Signage in Multi-Touchpoint Retail Environments (Jim Stoklosa & Florian Vollmer)


A paradox: Customers react negatively when brand experiences don't align, yet the number of possible digital touchpoints - computers, digital signage, interactive kiosks, smartphones, tablets - continuously grows. This can't be solved with traditional thinking. The industry needs modern tools for designing innovative user experiences. When done well, the process integrates customer research, strategy development, service design thinking and stakeholder alignment - leading to relevant, integrative customer journeys from couch to checkout. On the execution side, a final blueprint provides a safe framework for creating touchpoints with current and future technologies. This presentation will cover best practices, examples and trends.


In this session, you will...
1. Learn how a quantifiable analysis of customer behavior in some notable multi-touchpoint strategies has led to actionable research insights
2. Discover effective tools for designing meaningful experiences and generating stakeholder buy-in
3. Gain a fresh, inspiring and thought-provoking perspective on digital signage in multi-touchpoint retail environments


Jim Stoklosa is director of digital signage and development at Info Retail, where he works with clients to integrate digital signage into new or existing designs. He advises clients on how to create an overall digital strategy, what technologies are appropriate and how to build engaging designs. He has worked on digital signage deployments for many of today's leading brand companies, including Volvo, Fidelity Investments, Disney, Sodexo, Hudson News, Clorox and Macy's.


Florian Vollmer is an industrial designer, teacher and principal at Atlanta-based strategy and design agency Info Retail, where he helps international companies maximize worth in customer environments. He specializes in creating brand experiences in the context of service design - the alignment and design of all brand touch points in a customer's journey to create more useful, profitable, efficient and effective experiences. He has spoken at Americas Mart Atlanta, KHB Berlin Weissensee, World Affairs Council of Atlanta Young Leaders, World Market Center Las Vegas and New York Fashion Institute of Technology.


Build-A-Bear Workshop: Lessons Learned in Deploying Retail Digital Signage (Brandon Elliott)


Learn how Build-A-Bear Workshop is using interactive digital signage technologies to engage its customers and make the retail purchase experience memorable. This seminar will explain why it is important to "pilot" new technologies prior to roll-out and identify the critical steps and considerations involved in project planning and execution.


In this session, you will ...
1. Learn how Build-A-Bear Workshop successfully deployed a 20-store digital signage pilot program
2. Discuss key purposes and priorities of digital signage in interactive retail
3. Explore important success metrics and ROI scorecard reporting for business partners


Brandon Elliott is an IT leader and former business owner with 20+ years of progressive information technology engineering, development, and management experience. He has held several roles within Build-A-Bear Workshop during the past 12 years and is currently working on developing new emerging experiences that bring online, mobile and in-store together.


Educational Track:
Special Interes



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