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S3 - Agency Perspective - How We Value Digital Place-based Networks

1 Hour
DSE 2012


Agency Viewpoint: How We Value Digital Place-based Networks and What Key Drivers Impact Pricing of This Unique Media Format (Christina Radigan)

This presentation will walk the audience through the criteria and considerations that out-of-home (OOH) media buying agencies use to evaluate digital place-based networks (DPN). We also will highlight key factors that drive pricing higher (or lower) for the category and how agencies determine fair market value for this unique media segment.


In this session, you will ...
1. Learn what are the criteria/considerations that agencies use for DPN evaluation
2. Learn how to generate a "fair market value" for a DPN (relevant to both buyers/sellers)
3. Gain an understanding of the factors that drive pricing


Placing Value on Networks From Scratch: How Agencies Determine the Value of Networks Amidst the Greater DOOH Landscape (Lucas Peltonen)
Ultimately, a network should be valued according to its message-conveying ability. We will define what makes an effective network and then extrapolate this information in order to apply it to all DOOH networks. By leveling the playing field, we can begin to structure the industry from a price and value perspective.


In this session, you will ...
1. Learn how to identify the factors that comprise the most powerful DOOH network currently in existence (cinema) to define a baseline of comparison to other networks
2. Discover how to assess the message-conveying ability of any given DOOH network and see how these factors affect the network's strengths/weaknesses
3. Learn how the industry can create an index system to quantify network values in the future


Lucas Peltonen is the digital out-of-home director of PITCH, where he spearheads DOOH programs for all of the agency's clients. He structured and developed the department for this new and emerging advertising medium, mastering its intricacies to provide specialized media buying expertise to his clients. Peltonen actively promotes the industry, helping to develop best practices by sitting on the DPAA's Agency Advisory Board as well as the DSE's Education Committee. His career in out-of-home began 15 years ago at New York Outdoor, where he functioned as an account executive and media buyer for Broadway shows, Internet and luxury goods clients.


Christina Radigan is the director of digital out-of-home and innovation focusing on emerging digital, cinema and non-traditional OOH and respective research. She provides internal and external support and education on the planning and buying practices for these media, providing guidelines upon which the company plans and buys these formats. Radigan serves as a member of the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association's advisory board and is a staff member of the Omnicom Foundations Faculty, training all levels of new staff about out-of-home.


Advertising Agencies
Brand Marketers
Educational Track:
Ad Agencies & Brand Marketers



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