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S1 - Introduction to Digital Signage - A Roadmap for Success

1 Hour
DSE 2012


Digital out-of-home is one of the fastest growing media platforms, but what exactly is digital signage and what is the real benefit of investing in this medium? In this session, you will learn how to determine and plan the most effective digital signage solution for your goals, including key factors of success, avoiding common pitfalls, how to test the viability of digital signage as a powerful marketing tool and win vendor support for media dollars, and how to communicate the value of paid vendor participation.


In this session, you will...
1. Develop an understanding of the digital out-of-home medium and how digital signage can impact your business
2. Discover the 7 key steps for planning a viable and sustainable digital signage solution aligned with your short- and long-term goals.
3. Learn how to sell the value of digital signage and attract media dollars for sustainability.


A pioneer of the "place-based media" or "captive audience" business model, Philip Cohen is the founder/co-founder of VMS Client Ed Videos, HealthCare Television Network, The Good Health Channel, PetCARE Television Network Inc., African American Medical Television Network Inc. and KidCARE Medical Television Network Inc. Since 1986, he has been producing educational programming for the veterinary and human medical professions directed to pet owners, patients and parents. Cohen has produced more than 1,000 advertiser-sponsored medical education programs and has directed and produced more than 47 hours of animal health television programming, more than 100 veterinary client education programs and more than 100 on-line streaming video segments.


Educational Track:
Digital Signage Fundamentals



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