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S16 - Digital Menu Boards in QSR - Why Now

1 Hour
DSE 2012


Menu Labeling - QSR Implications From a Design Perspective (Sue Culver)
Like many restaurant groups with more than 20 or more locations, International Dairy Queen has been faced with the challenge of menu labeling implications for thousands of DQ franchisees. In this session, we will present information on how to comply with the national guidelines for posting calories on both traditional and digital menu boards, as well as discuss the impact of posting calorie data. We also will explore issues related to the application of the guidelines from a content design perspective.


In this session, you will ...
1. Learn how to interpret the national guidelines from a graphic perspective, font size, color, placement, etc.
2. Gain insight into the benefits of digital menu boards for posting calories
3. Discover what impact posting calories has had on customer buying behavior and store sales.


Sue Culver has worked at International Dairy Queen Inc. for 22 years in the creative services field. She leads the creativeservices department in the creation, production and fulfillment of point-of-purchase materials for the DQ system of more than 5,900 restaurants. In 2007, Culver led the project to successfully roll out a new indoor/drive-thru menu board system. Digital menu boards are currently being tested with a feature panel roll-out beginning in January 2012.


Digital Menu Boards in QSR: Why Now? (Ed Carney & Robert Lopez)
In this eye-opening session, an experienced end-user of digital signage in the Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) space will share his hard-earned lessons and compelling results after converting to an all-digital solution of indoor and outdoor menu boards. Don't miss out on this real-world perspective regarding the features and benefits of a digital menu board solution.


In this session, you will...
1. Learn what advantages digital menu boards have over static signage
2. Understand how digital menu boards provide a tangible Return on Investment (ROI)
3. Discover what features and benefits digital menu boards offer


Rick Engels is a recognized, accomplished and respected industry executive with a proven record of growing businesses. He was chairman and CEO of BroadSign International, where he built the company into one of the leading SaaS companies in the digital signage industry. Most recently he has been involved in the deployment and installation of large-scale digital signage projects with TechniqueUSA. Engels is a founding member of MESA (Minnesota Emerging Software Advisors), focused on mentoring early stage technology companies.


Robert Lopez has more than 24 years of hands-on Quick Service Restaurant management experience. He began his career in QSR with McDonald's as an area supervisor, and then broke into the franchise world of self-employment with Burger King. Lopez founded JMJ-LLC, a Wendy's franchise group headquartered in Glendale, Ariz., and he currently operates 18 Wendy's locations. Lopez is involved with daily restaurant operations, marketing, finance, new store development and real estate for JMJ-LLC.


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